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A message from your cedar hedge:

"Please get me ready for winter!"

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Benefits of regular, professional hedge trimming:

  • Minimizes winter damage due to excessive snow loading
  • Stimulates spring growth
  • Eliminates/reduces dead brown spots
  • Promotes health of the shrub
  • Contributes to a pleasing appearance




In return, a healthy hedge helps your garden:

  • Contributes to privacy
  • Provides a windbreak
  • Protects delicate plants and shrubs from dehydrating windburn through the winter
  • Helps to create a favourable micro-climate - may allow you to grow plants that otherwise would not survive
  • Provides a protective habitat for birds




Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When should cedar hedges be trimmed?

A: Right now - mid summer to late fall - is ideal! Cedar can be trimmed any time except early spring.

Q: What happens to the waste cedar material?

A: All trimmed material is cleaned up, removed from your property and recycled.






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